Our Story

In September 2019 we broadened our wings, flew across the country and reside in Shah Alam where we opened our first flagship kiosk inside the infamous Central i-City Mall. As a force that brings “street coffee & tea scene” into a broader market, we coped with the fierce competition in the industry by exploring the endless possibilities of flavour combinations and recipes. That, dmy friends, was when we discovered the magic of a nice cup of drink: where hearts hum sweet melody, senses are awakened, and some peaceful time to enjoy.

We always believe that everyone deserves a good cup of coffee to fuel their day and to keep going…and oftentimes, a fancy drink to sip everyday might cost a little too much. We’re not that. Our main objective of building this brand is for you and and for everybody of the working-class people to enjoy a real good cup of coffee & other drinks at super affordable prices. Teachers, police officers, firefighters or even our  food riders — are the true heroes that move the world forward with their sweat and tears…and these heroes deserve a REAL cup of coffee.

It is exciting that we get to share our love and appreciation for flavourful drinks with you — simply because it is so much fun when everyone gets to taste their favourite beverages with less hassle and most importantly, money to pay for.