Two young men turned their favourite: coffee, to everybody’s favourite. This brand was founded in April 2016, and what we had was only a single small stall at a streetside in Miri. But that was years ago. We have more branches now –  upgraded and totally cool for hangouts. There are 2 in Miri, another 2 in Shah Alam. Maybe we had a thing with number 2, but that’s a totally different story to tell.

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Among the pioneers to start introducing a coffee-to-go concept with affordable price to the rakyat marhaen, we have figured that it is best to expand our business to 5 different outlets in three different locations (and more coming). Clearly a single outlet in one place is overrated, so let’s make it triple. 2 outlets are located in Miri;  while another 3 are located in Shah Alam; Central i-City & Menara Serba Dinamik & one in Lalaport, KL. Recently, we opened a new one in Kuching.

Come over for a drink. Maybe we could have a lot in common!

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Borneo Latte

Cafe Latte With Organic Gula Apong

Signature White Kopi

24 Hours Cold Brew with White Coffee

Lavender Latte

Cafe Latte With A Hint Of Lavender

The Brew Crew was born out of friendship & passion. Our goal has always been to creatively create a flavour which can express the love we have for food & beverages that embodies our values.

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